So you think she might be pregnant

Here’s some quick tips that will be very helpful to you right now:

* Stay calm
* Gather all the facts
* Get all the information and seek wise counsel so you can make the best decision for all involved
* Contact the DMC of Lodi right now at 209.368.7190… they will not judge you, they will be a huge help
* Talk about it with each other as you are able.

Talk about it with those who want what’s best for all involved. Make sure you are sharing this with those who have a lot of life experiences (this usually is not our friends).
At this point it’s normal to have feelings of anger, frustration and fear. Hang in there and again, call the Directions Medical Clinic, they know how to help you through this.

Try not to

* Do not bail… the more you run from this, the harder it becomes to think and act clearly.
* Try not to pressure her.

Applying pressure will only push her away, possibly into a very regretful situation where nobody wins.

You Have a Very Important Role

Remember you have a very important role in this situation. This is not what you had planned but it is what has happened. We know tons of people who were right where you are and have come through this and are glad they stayed calm and did not do anything rash.