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Parenting Support

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Earn While You Learn

The “Earn While You Learn Program” is an educational system that equips parents with important information and skills necessary to care for and raise a healthy child. Not only can parents learn about subjects like labor and delivery, caring for your newborn, safety in the home and SIDS, but they will also earn “baby bucks” at each visit. Parents can exchange “baby bucks” for baby items in our Baby Boutique. 


Throughout pregnancy and up to the baby’s first year of life, participants meet with a client advocate who will guide them through the lessons. Those interested in our program must attend an orientation session. Please call the center to schedule at (209) 368-7190.

Prenatal Lessons

  • Prenatal care

  • Eating for two

  • Your developing baby

  • Bonding with your unborn baby

  • Your changing body

  • What’s safe, what isn’t

  • The second trimester

  • Reducing the risk of SIDS

  • The third trimester

  • Getting ready for baby

  • Labor and delivery

Infant/Parenting Classes

  • Eye contact means love

  • The importance of bonding

  • Newborn care

  • Crying, colic and sleeping

  • The first years last forever

  • The parent/child relationship

  • Car seat safety

  • Your healthy baby

  • Discipline — teaching limits with love

You earn “baby bucks” each time you participate in individual or group classes. You can use your “baby bucks” to purchase items from our Baby Boutique.

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Need Assistance with Diapers, Formula, or Clothing?

Call us at 

(209) 368-7190

Call 211 to access mental health, housing, and community resources.

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